Top 5 Diet Food Obsessions


Top 5 Diet Food Obsessions

Whether I’m dieting or not, alot of my time is spent on thinking about food. I even dream about food. I recently had a dream about a gallon of fudge royale ice cream that waited for me in the shower. Complete with a spoon. It was perfectly melted and glistening and oozing and calling my name and…

You get the point.

But when dieting I try to keep on topic and obsess over diet food. Here are my top 5 obsessions:

South Beach Multigrain Tortillas – Not only is this a comfort food, for me it’s a danger food, and I can no longer buy it because of this. Not good for someone who is watching carbs. These things are delicious. And addicting. Eat 6 of these puppies and you’ve covered your suggested fiber intake for the day.

My Usual Lunch Salad – Consisting of 3 cups of lettuce, 4 to 6 ounces of turkey (the deli kind), 2 or 3 teaspoons of olive oil, balsamic vinegar, salt, pepper, garlic and spices. The spices depend on my mood: they can be Herbes de Florence, Basil and Oregano, or Emeril’s Bam. There’s something about this salad that warms my heart. I look forward to having it every day, and when I don’t have it, I miss it.

Soy Junk Food – The word on the street is Soy – especially too much of it – is bad for you. But if you are on a diet, or transitioning to a vegetarian diet – these things are great. Most of them taste great too. Even my 10 year old will eat the Pizza burgers, and the fake hamburgers (he won’t eat a real hamburger, however), and it’s one way to get vegetables into him without having to tie him to a chair.

Dannon Carb Control Dairy Snack – This is a yogurt type snack that has only 2 grams of sugar, 18 calories of fat and a total of 60 calories. It contains probiotics – good for you bacteria. I’m convinced this is what is making my hair grow so long and gorgeous. Only problem is it comes in dinky 4 ounce portion cups – I am *not* about portion control – and I always want more.

Boarshead Pastrami Seasoned Turkey – You get this in the deli. I love it, and if I’m not careful I will not eat any other kind of meat except this. I’m convinced that Boarshead puts stuff in this particular product to make you crave it. I rarely buy it – unless I’m feeling really sorry for myself, then I splurge.

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